Just say yes

16 Jul

Everyone knows someone who lives in New York. Each of these nice people will try to put you in contact with that person once they hear you’re headed to the city, even if they haven’t spoken to said person in years, or said person was once in a mental institution.

My advice? Go with it. (Especially if you need a place to crash for a few nights.) You just never know. Let ’em take you to lunch (or, if you’re feeling bold, take THEM to lunch) and see where the conversation leads. Maybe they know an apartment coming available. Maybe they have a job for you. Maybe they’ll become your best friend. Maybe they’ll just make you laugh with stories of when they were new here.

Here are two stories of what just saying yes did for me:

1) I got my first job in New York City by e-mailing a friend of a friend — they knew each other from ballet class in Kansas when they were little. Not only did this contact get me an interview and eventually a job, but it also gave me a social circle. I’m friends with her friends now, and they are wonderful. At the time, I didn’t know she’d be able to get me an interview…or friends!

2) At a networking happy hour hosted by a well-known media-professionals entity, I met Linda, a woman who truly wanted to help me get a job, but who also happened to be nuts. We met for coffee, bless her heart, and she promptly started introducing errors into my resume and recommending I call Annie Leibovitz to see if I could work for her. Why Annie, I don’t know. She also kept refering to Rolling Stone, the magazine, as The Rolling Stones. “Call Annie at The Rolling Stones! I think you should call her! Call Annie!”

Still, I stand by my axiom: When it comes to creating opportunities for yourself in this city, just say yes!

Who has an encouraging story to tell a new New Yorker about a connection they made in the city that led to something? Leave it in the comments!


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