Kill your vampires

17 Jul

A lot of fear mongering goes on about moving to New York City. I have yet to get to understand why. Scaring young people into thinking they can’t do what we ourselves have done doesn’t make sense. Young people wouldn’t be moving here in droves if it were that hard, that exhausting, and if they were knew they’d be that broke.

When I had just moved here and made less than $30K, I had a lot of people in my ear. I’m not now — nor was I then — under any illusions that this city can’t be cold, expensive and frustrating, but please take heart and — like any good New Yorker would — don’t believe everything you hear. Run, don’t walk, when you hear these absolutes about New York City living:

“You won’t survive on that salary.”
“There’s no way you’ll ever be able to go out.”
“You’ll just have to put it on the credit card!”
“There are no apartments for less than [X] a month.”
“Nobody in New York
“Everyone in New York always

Beware of absolutes — never, no one, always. These are never true, and they are poison to your goals.

I have this axiom posted at my desk, which I have always lived by in New York:

Experiences over stuff
People over things
Time over money

How you spend your money is all about CHOICES. When I say I “can’t” afford something, maybe I actually can’t — but many times, I’m merely choosing to spend that money somewhere else. I say I “can’t” afford X, but I could if I didn’t buy Y. It’s amazing what we talk ourselves out of, or into. We can make money “appear” if we tinker with our budget. I use Mint, btw.


One Response to “Kill your vampires”

  1. Heather McConochie 05/09 at 11:01 pm #

    I agree Sarah. I moved to LA 6 years ago with no apartment, no connections, and no job. In that time I’ve had about 6 jobs, 6 places to live and hundreds of new connections and a handful of really good, new friends. I love your blog! I am moving to NYC in August to start nursing school at NYU and I can’t wait! It’s always been a dream of mine to live there since I visited in 1995 and now it’s coming true. Love your blog, read it religiously!

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