Shoes. Let’s get some shoes.

20 Jul

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. I hung out with rock stars upstate and never went to bed Saturday night.

That blogger sure does have clean feet!

That blogger sure does have clean feet!

In other news, I’m an idiot and walked 16 blocks to work in platforms today. Which brings me to the following NYC advice: Don’t underestimate the power of blisters to kill your positive New New Yorker attitude!

Shoes wear out VERY quickly here. The street has an amazing ability to ruin footwear. As much as it would have Carrie Bradshaw convulsing, I am not an advocate of buying expensive shoes, because this city will eat them alive — not literally, but sometimes it almost seems that way.

A “for instance”: My “new” flats (which the store clerk wouldn’t give me a red cent’s discount on, even though the store was going out of business! whatever) have been worn bare since they were new in March. My mistake was not walking to work in Nikes, then changing into the flats at work.

(But wait…on second though, do people do that much anymore? I don’t see it like I used to. Maybe it’s the warm weather. I’m allergic to anything closed-toed in these temperatures too.)

Another foot-related tidbit: Don’t wear shoes in your apartment. TRUST ME. Do you really want to track in dog pee, poop, rat crap, spit, mucus, rotten food….I think I can stop there, yes?

Anyone else have shoe advice? A specific brand they swear by for the city streets?


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