Stuff that’s cheaper in NYC than where you used to live

22 Jul

I did not pay for these flowers.

Believe it or not, there are a handful of things in New York City that are much less expensive than what you’d pay in the Midwest (believe me — I’m from the Midwest!). They are:

• Concerts: People I’ve seen for free since moving here include Loudon Wainwright, Chris Thile, Camera Obscura, Neko Case, Ghostland Observatory, Martha Wainwright, Ari Hest. There are about 20 more I will remember later. It’s also free to attend show tapings, i.e. Tyra, The Daily Show.

• Spa treatments: A lot of hypochondriacs won’t go near the $20 mani/pedi places, but I’ve found my local spot (31st Street at Second Avenue) to be clean and good quality work. Most deals are found Monday through Wednesday only, so go early in the week, and be sure to wear gloves when you wash dishes!

• Flowers: You’ll see the signs everywhere, mostly outside delis. Two dozen roses for $10; daisies for $4; the list goes on. Try the Flower District for good smells at even less — they’ll bargain with you, even if they usually only do wholesale. In this economy, they’ll take any business they can get.

• Breakfast: All over the city, mom-and-pop delis have breakfast specials, like an egg/cheese sandwich and coffee for about $2. In Penn Station, they offer potatos, eggs and toast for 99 cents! Street cart food is also dirt cheap because they don’t have to pay terrifying commercial rents. (Also, this is a well-known fact but, for crying in a bucket, MAKE YOUR OWN COFFEE. My brewer adds up to just 40 cents a cup, and that’s for excellent gourmet coffee.)

Who has ones to add?


3 Responses to “Stuff that’s cheaper in NYC than where you used to live”

  1. nowooski 07/22 at 2:02 pm #

    With the exception of pizza deliver, which is free everywhere, getting food delivered is also much cheaper and more ubiquitous than in the rest of the country.

  2. Adrianna Boris 08/04 at 8:33 am #

    Here in southwest Ohio, concert tickets in the nosebleed section for well-known artists can cost around $80. And I have friends who regularly pay upwards of $40 to get their nails done! Living and attending school in New York will be a lesson in frugality, but it’s relief to know that it won’t be too painful a lesson.

  3. Ivy 04/09 at 5:57 pm #

    How could you forget FASHION??? Clothing is SO much cheaper here than the Midwest– if you pay $60 for a dress pants in the Midwest, you’d probably pay $35 here. Why? Because we’re the fashion capitol of the universe! If it’s not made here (most likely in China), it’s at least shipped here first, and THEN shipped to other places around the country. So while you pay more for rent, you pay LESS in shipping to everywhere else!

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