How not to react when you’re hit on (or spit on)

27 Jul

By talking back. Seriously. Try, try, TRY not to ever do this.


...away from the crazies!

I know it sucks to let them win, so to speak, but you never know who’s on the brink of snapping. Unfortunately, people do this precisely BECAUSE they know you won’t do anything about it ā€” whether a man is threatened by another man, or someone makes a pass at a passing woman. This is one of the city’s great injustices.

What not to do: A friend and I were in Chelsea last summer when a guy made a pass at her. She friend turned around, yelled at him, and turned back around only to have the guy shove her. It could have gotten worse, but it didn’t. The few times I’ve reacted like that, the person never got aggressive, but I’d be all oh god what have I done please don’t kill me please don’t kill me just keep walking you’ll be fine

In short, NOT WORTH IT. Saying something bitchy didn’t actually make me feel better ā€” it made me feel scared-er. (A bit later, we saw Chris Noth coming out of a deli. That was a weird night.)

Anyway. When you see two people get into it: Don’t get involved, at all. Turn down your headphones nonchalantly but keep them on. You’ll appear not to be paying attention, yet remain aware of what’s being said in case the situation escalates.

If you’re physically wronged: Try to find a cop or station attendant, stat. Everyone who’s lived here for a while has one or two stories like this, but they are nonetheless rare. I was touched inappropriately by some teenage punk on Halloween in 2007, and I should’ve found someone to tell. Lesson learned.

Unfortunately, it’s not against the law to be an a-hole: Someone pushed me backward through a turnstile this week. Apparently my entrance into the 33rd Street station offended her. She was a big meanine, and I kind of, uh, cried. That’s right, kids: Your fearless leader cried on the subway! Laugh it up.


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