Frugal Find #4: I smell success!

31 Jul

This may be my most creative frugal moves to date, and I made it short and sweet (no pun intended) for your Friday! Have a great weekend, everyone. I’m going to SummerStage!

So anyway, using the powers of eBay, I discovered a way to shave $23 off the price of a perfume I reeeeeally wanted, but was too many moneys for me.

I found ten 0.05-oz. samples of Prada’s Infusion d’Iris on eBay for $16.50, small vials that will be great to have in my purse. (That comes out to 1/2 oz. altogether. As we all know, a little perfume goes a long way, so this supply will last months. And by that cost measure, an ounce is $33. (Check me on that, math majors, but I did the calculation more than once!)

But wait! The 1-oz. size costs $56 at $ephor@. That’s $23 saved! Mmmm, smells delicious.


One Response to “Frugal Find #4: I smell success!”

  1. Adrianna Boris 08/04 at 8:38 am #

    I love eBay! Amazon’s also saved me a lot of money. I’ll be checking there for textbooks before I hit the bookstore!

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