FrugalNYC’s Qi Liu: ‘Have like-minded people in your social circle’

5 Aug

I’m interviewed over at FrugalNYC today, and he’s interviewed here! This is the first in an occasional series featuring NYC bloggers with audiences akin to that of NewNewYorkers. Enjoy!

Blog: FrugalNYC
Writer: Qi Liu, 33
Neighborhood: Jackson Heights, Queens

Liu originally started FrugalNYC in 2006, but began to post regularly in 2008, seizing an opportunity as the economy headed south. A self-proclaimed ABC (American-Born Chinese), Liu is a native of New York City, a graduate of NYU and a proponent of the unlimited Metrocard.

nNYers: What do you think is one of the biggest myths about daily life in the city?
Qi Liu: One of the biggest myths about daily life in NYC is that everyone gets to enjoy the most culture-filled city in the world. On the contrary, most people are too busy earning their living and never get out to explore the city.

nNYers: Tell me something you’re still trying to figure out about New York City.
QL: I’m trying to figure out all the hidden spots of NYC I have not been to.  About a week ago, I ventured out to Rockaway Beach, an area of Queens I’ve never been before. I took the subway there (A train) and took the bus back to Jackson Heights. The trip there, on the A train was an experience itself. I’m a bit of a nature person and love to see areas like the Jamaica Bay.

nNYers: What’s the secret to staying out of debt in NYC?
QL: Have like-minded people in your social circle. We are social creatures and tend to do what our friends do. We don’t want to feel left out. Living a simple life and purchasing only quality necessities will make your life in NYC affordable, fun and debt-free!

Liu knows a lot about Queens, a borough many Manhattan-dwellers tend to neglect. Check out these two FrugalNYC posts for specifics on exploring the area. (He’s also a computer technician/consultant looking for work. Just if you hear anything…)


One Response to “FrugalNYC’s Qi Liu: ‘Have like-minded people in your social circle’”

  1. Qi 08/05 at 10:02 am #

    Hi Sarah!

    Thanks for taking the time out for both interviews 🙂 Just realized I didn’t tell you which part of my short name was my first name. Most people call me Qi (pronounced Key).

    Thanks for the plug at the end of the post! 🙂 It’s time to tweet about these posts!

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