Frugal Find #5: Leftovers list

7 Aug

I’m embarrassed to think how much fresh food I’ve thrown out because I buried it in the back of the fridge and forgot it was there. Talk about money in the garbage!

Easy solution: Make a “Leftovers List” and put it on the fridge (mine is held up by these). I don’t know why food (especially milk) seem to spoil in New York so fast. If anyone knows the reason why milk cartons are labeled with earlier expiration dates in NYC, do tell! It remains a mystery to me — though I admit haven’t tried too hard to solve it.

I swear by this one, printing a few out at a time and keeping them in a drawer at home. Or, if you want to save paper, just use pencil to fill it out.


One Response to “Frugal Find #5: Leftovers list”

  1. Kary 08/07 at 1:51 pm #

    That’s easy! When the law was first passed (and still today) it was not uncommon for milk to sit on the curb or in open trucks for a bit before being brought into a store. The earlier date accounts for the fact that NYC milk might be unrefrigerated for a little longer than milk elsewhere, thus shortening it’s shelf life.

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