If you only had a day in NYC…

10 Aug

Recently I got a random Facebook message from a guy who’d found me via Google. After reading of his sweet helplessness (“I am lost in this city”) coupled with a well-timed #sadface emoticon, I sent him a short but detailed list of what I’d do in New York City if I only had one day:

Staten Island Ferry: This is an excellent way to be on the water (for free!) and get your bearings by seeing the skyline (and the Statue of Liberty). Going at dusk would be gorgeous.

St. Marks Place: A perfect place to shop for unique and affordable sunglasses, hats and T-shirts — plus you get a glimpse of some real New Yorkish-looking people, as it’s in the East Village.

Rockwood Music Hall: My favorite music venue in the entire city is Rockwood Music Hall, where there is live music every single night by local musicians. I’ve never seen a bad show there.

For those of you who are recently (or not so recently) arrived and have already found favorite spots…If you only had one day in New York, what would you spend it doing? Leave it in the comments share your dream day with others!

Note: This post originally included a visit to Yaffa Cafe, which has since closed.


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