You pay for what you get

14 Aug

As flattering as it may be at the time, beware of “model calls.” My rookie mistake? Going for a free haircut at Bumble & bumble University Model Project in the Meatpacking District. This seems to be something new New Yorkers flock to — after all, I was being offered a free haircut at the height of vulnerable newcomerness, when I was sticker-shocked by the cost of everything. Many people may’ve had a good experience at Bb, and I don’t want to discount that. I, however, looked like this:

This flippy thing lasted six months.

My 'flippy cut' period. It lasted six months and seemed worse at the time.

The stylist’s supervisor was there to critique as the cut was in progress, which would’ve comforted me except that he kept saying, “Hmm, this isn’t quite right.” So the stylist kept going around, and around, and AROUND my head. All he knew to do to fix what was broken was to cut more off. When I came to, I had a faux-Farrah-looking thing going on. If you do decide to go, however, here’s what goes down:

• You may wait in line and be turned away — depends on if they have room for you. Get there early!
• The view and atmosphere is really cool, and they have a cash snack and drink bar while you wait.
• You don’t get to choose the cut you want, but you know in advance what styles they’re practicing that week.
• Bb also offers free styling and color (which I’d feel safer doing, if only for lack of permanence).

All this being said, I don’t want to dump all over Bb! I’d love to hear from someone who liked the cut they got. Anyone want to weigh in on this — or any other freebie that turned out well?


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