When it’s NYC: 100, You: 0

19 Aug

You will have days, even long after you’ve moved here, when you will not be hearting NY. Here are the top mood-killing culprits, and ways to keep you from thinking this whole New York thing was one big, bad idea:

Sucky scenario:
You’re caught in the rain.
Mood boost: Pop into a diner for a coffee and pie in lieu of further aggravating yourself trying to find a cab. People watch, dry off, write five things on a napkin that you want to accomplish once it stops raining.

Sucky scenario: Your new room is soooo tiny.
Mood boost: Get stuff off the floor. Pulling everything out of your drawers/closet and putting it back in always creates more space, as does getting rid of things you wish you hadn’t brought. Drop off your old clothes at Goodwill or let your roommate go through them. It’s therapeutic! List big-ticket items on Craigslist.

Sucky scenario: You got dumped.
Mood boost: Any bookstore. Seriously. I swear by the idea that wandering B&N is an instant mood booster and way better than holing up in your apartment.

Sucky scenario: You’re late.
Mood boost: Blame. The. MTA. Even a prospective employer knows trains get delayed. As a general rule, however, any time you absolutely cannot be late, leave much earlier than you need to, and set aside some money for a cab if you’re pressed for time.

Sucky scenario: There’s no hot water.
Mood boost: (See: The REAL reason we sign up for a gym membership.)

Sucky scenario: Something’s lost in the mail.
Mood boost: Ask your super what post office services your area, and check to see if it ended up there. Anything that won’t fit in your mailbox or that needs a signature will be taken back to the post office if you’re not home. See if the super will accept mail for you and allow you to collect it later. Leave a sticky note on your apartment’s buzzer panel for the FedEx man to deliver your package to the super’s apartment, and which apartment he or she’s in.

Sucky scenario: The Health Department closed your favorite deli/restaurant/bar.
Mood boost: Isn’t knowing your tax dollars are at work to keep you from ingesting rat crap good enough?

Miscellaneous instant mood improvers: Wash your feet with soap and water. Tasti-D-Lite with sprinkles. Write down the five things you did best today. “Seinfeld” reruns. Call home. Read Cute Overload. Sign up for New York Cares. Draw something. Take a nap in your favorite T-shirt. Download Two Dots for your phone (it’s the new Angry Birds!). Hang out in front of the Empire State and offer to take tourists’ pictures. I have never done this, but I really want to.

What are yours?


3 Responses to “When it’s NYC: 100, You: 0”

  1. Qi 08/19 at 9:37 am #

    Great list Sarah. Washing your feet can do wonders LOL.

    Getting rid of stuff and doing some organizing can do wonders for your apartment and for your mind.

  2. amboris 08/20 at 1:05 am #

    This is great advice! I’m sure I’ll face plenty of days like these…

  3. June 08/20 at 10:54 am #

    This is really great advice (especially the manicure part). I’ve been reading your blog a lot lately and it makes me feel better about having moved to the craziness that is the city. For me, I like to cozy up with a nice mug of hot chocolate on those days when it’s a) raining or b) hot water is off.

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