Sarah’s at-home mani/pedis

20 Aug

If you’re looking for a workaround to twice-monthly nail maintenance in a salon, start by going anyway.

Pamper yourself a couple times early in the week (that’s when the $20 deals are on), and treat it as a class in how to do your own nails. Pay attention, then go home and assemble your perfect mani/pedi kit. Here’s mine:

• Tweezerman’s callus shaver ($6) comes with replaceable blades (this is what they charge $3 extra each time for in the salons!!)
• Essie nail polish ($9) is what all the salons around here use
• Sally Hansen cuticle softener ($5) preps for pushback
• Revlon cuticle nippers ($15) can also be used to cut nails
• Lastly, a nail file and polish remover are cheap
• After soaking my feet in the tub*, I apply the softener and push back cuticles with an orangewood cuticle stick or something like it (mine is Revlon, from Duane Reade).

Does anyone have another product they regularly use to do their own nails? I’d love to try it out!

*I skip this if I’m short on time


2 Responses to “Sarah’s at-home mani/pedis”

  1. amboris 08/25 at 1:19 pm #

    I got a Sally Hansen at-home acryllics set and it works really well! You have to have a friend do it for you, so it’s a great Soul Sista bonding activity.

    I also use this nifty do-it-yourself french manicure pen that’s super easy to use and isnt messy at all.

  2. MF (@HottSouthernMss) 04/11 at 10:38 am #

    The most amazing nail polish is Sephora brand! They are like $4.00 (though I swear the bottles keep getting smaller) but they have a million colors and it goes on soooooo perfect! I’m far from being ambidextrous and the brush is the perfect kind of thickness I can paint my right hand like a full-time lefty.
    Also, nail polish remover is a waste of money! Buy pure acetone at a beauty store for like $3 or $4, it lasts for ever because you hardly need any of it. And it takes that stubborn glitter nail polish off like a charm!

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