When, not if: Preparing for something bad to happen

21 Aug

Lest we forget, we live in a city that bad guys have their eye on.

I think it’s a good idea to mentally walk yourself through a terrorist attack. In summer 2007,  a steam pipe exploded, and those of us who were right on top of the action assumed the worst. Thankfully, we were wrong — but it got me thinking about what I need to do when (not if) it’s real. Scary to think about, but even scarier not to.

What is your action plan, and how will you execute it? Most importantly, perhaps, know how you’ll get off the island. Familiarize yourself with the bridges. Which is closest to your office, to your apartment? Dedicate an afternoon to updating telephone numbers, buying supplies and reviewing your plan with friends or family who live nearby. Mentally prepare to keep calm and not dwell on speculation or rumors.

Here’s a shortlist of items to keep wherever you can grab them and go:

• Shoes you can walk in
• Water bottle(s)
• Cell phone charger
• Cash
• Flashlight

Those are my non-expansive thoughts as a non-expert, but just someone who refuses to shy away from this topic. Please feel free to add your tips and thoughts in the comments, and download the city’s readiness guide for more detailed information.


One Response to “When, not if: Preparing for something bad to happen”

  1. Justin 07/11 at 6:06 pm #

    Very good post. Being the kind of guy that always looks to potentialities, I began looking into a cheap efficient flashlight, and found what I feel to be supremely ideal for this:


    A flashlight that lasts ALL YEAR, who can resist? I’ve yet to buy one, but that won’t be an issue for long. I just thought that maybe your readers might like to know.

    Oh, and THANK YOU so much for this blog! It has been incredibly useful/informative for my soon-to-be migration to the big city.

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