“Wow, I live in NYC!” (Or: Some days, it just hits you.)

27 Aug

An excerpt from my memoir, Two Years in New York City.

I had visited New York before I moved here, and I distinctly remember walking around thinking,

“Wow. That person is buying groceries/wrapping paper/light bulbs. They, like, live here. That is so cool.

Those were my thoughts when I longed to live in New York. And every day when I see tourists, I search their eyes for the same heart flutter.

There are people all over the world waiting for the perfect time to really do it—to move to New York City. I think about these people, as I was very recently one of them.

Do they now see me with my Kmart sack of menial items like Kleenex and Scotch tape, and wish they too were three blocks from home? Or are they perfectly happy where they are?

Chances are they are of the latter group, but occasionally I see one of them. The moment comes with a faint gasp and a coy smile, as if someone has just told them just how beautiful they look tonight.

Most days, I still feel like the bright-eyed, fantasizing tourist than the girl who greets each New York morning, goes to work, takes the subway and shops at Duane Reade. I hope I feel like this for as long as possible.


2 Responses to ““Wow, I live in NYC!” (Or: Some days, it just hits you.)”

  1. Jana 08/27 at 6:59 pm #

    i’m definitely one of those tourists. i always said “someday”, but i just bought a house in arizona. sometimes i dream about what it’d be like…thats why i like reading your blog. 🙂


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    […] life in NYC is challenging, but if you hold tight to the gratitude and allure you felt in those first few months, it will stay with you for years. There’s too […]

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