Taking a page from New York magazine

31 Aug

I’m one of those page-flaggers. “That would be fun!” I always think as I flip through a local magazine and turn down corners with the intention of coming back to it and making a night of one of their “$50 date”-esque features. But I have never, ever gone back to them and done anything!

Until last weekend.

I saw the word “rollerskating” pop off the page of New York Magazine’s Summer Guide 2009 next to the words “$1.50 admission; $6 skate rentals,” and I phoned a friend. Seventy two hours later, we were getting off at 125th Street on the 1 train on a cool-ish evening. We found the outdoor covered rink with some difficulty (it was over the highway via a bridge that didn’t look pedestrian-friendly at first), laced up our ratty rental skates and rolled away.

The rink is really nice ā€” smooth and slick, clean, not too crowded and fun music. The more adept skaters (some of them doing more of a soulful rollershake than a rollerskate) buzzed around us, cutting us off on purpose, whirling in and out and laughing when we’d wave our arms to keep from falling. One guy, a dead ringer for Malcolm Jamal-Warner (circa now, not 1985) kept telling us, “YOU GOTTA BEND YO KNEES!” We tried to copy him, and we didn’t fall once!

We weren’t from around there, and it was super fun to be in a new neighborhood. We felt welcomed and entertained. You go, upper Manhattan!

After about an hour and working up a sweat, we traded in our skates and our shamelessness and got lost again, this time on the way to Covo (which was the NY Mag-recommended after-dinner spot), a hidden Italian place we never would’ve found if it weren’t for a nice lady on the street. A leisurely dinner outside over a pitcher of sangria* and discussions on the typical 27-year-old quandaries made for a perfect cap to the night ā€” not to mention our attentive, this-would-never-happen-in-midtown, fantastic waiter who seemed to have all the time in the world for us.

So, new New Yorkers, the pages of those magazines have fun waiting within! This is an activity I’d never have stumbled upon, so take advantage of the pooled resources of the local mags. Support print media ā€” go rollershaking!

*which we should’ve asked them to make stronger. All that and barely a buzz?


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