Even in New York, that’s not OK: Dating edition

15 Sep

Dating seems to take on a life of its own in Manhattan — people play by different rules. This is not necessarily a good thing. Here are seven things that often take a backseat to the inconvenience, busyness and expense of dating in New York City:

• Not having a plan. Yes, this city is so full of options that picking a date spot is overwhelming. But calling and saying, “So, what do you feel like doing?” is not OK. However, running your choice by your date before you go is polite.
• Being late.
Subways are often late, and Saturday night cabs are hard to find. Leaving with plenty of time to spare is easy. And if you’re 20 minutes late, rest assured we’re only pretending to be OK with it. Not that this has happened to me.
• Meeting at the restaurant.
Pick up your date! Even if it’s by foot, it’s sweet…and it gives you a chance to bring her flowers.
• Not paying for the date. Ask for the date, pay for the date (especially if you pick the restaurant). Not only does it make girls feel all cared-for and ladylike, but it’s very, very sweet in that old-fashioned way.
• Asking someone out when you’re still married. This level of deception has never happened to me (God, I mean that I know of), but OH I’ve heard the stories. Men who do this seem to have one thing in common: being old. Why 55-year-olds want anything to do with 25-year-olds is beyond me, and in NYC, it’s as common as pizza. (Mmm, pizza…)
• Checking your Blackberry on the date. Several times. While I was talking. Not that this has happened to me.
• Saying “I’ll call you,” but then just texting. Because no.

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