Lies about NYC: Any day now, you will become a huge prick

18 Sep

A wise person once said, “Fortune does not change men — it unmasks them.”

The same can be said about moving to New York. This city does not alter a person’s character; it reveals its true nature.

Don’t let anyone convince you that you have to be a demanding prick to be respected or successful. It’s a lie 20-somethings often fall victim to as we’re somewhere between faking it and making it.

It’s my opinion that, upon arrival, people who aren’t from around here are even more wary of the deterioration of their (insert region you’re from here) charm by the fast-paced, short-fused NYC culture. I was/am that person. New York won’t change me, I thought. You’ll see. New York will not change me.

But I was incorrect — mostly in assuming NYC was only interested in changing me only in detrimental ways. (Where I got this idea, I’ll never know. Probably from TV.) But New York has changed me, and as it happens, the good far outweighs the less-good:

The Good

• Am funnier. Way, way funnier.
• Walk lots more (but am not thinner).
• Am infinitely more comfortable around people who don’t look/talk/dress/act at all like me.
• Am more grateful for fewer possessions. Having less makes me appreciate more.
• Am not nearly as prone to thinking waaaaaay too highly of most famous people.
• Don’t want to own a car ever again (though I surely will).

The A Little Less Good: Swear more and can hold my liquor. My career as a lightweight is officially over. Hey, I didn’t say there aren’t tradeoffs.

NYC will change you, hopefully for the better. But if you’re a snob/asshole/total ingrate, you’ll probably always be that way — the city just allows you to feel somehow justified in this. Sorry for the language. See above paragraph.

You heard it here first: Gracious is the new bratty; petulance is now officially cliché. Ask questions, don’t be afraid of not knowing everything, and use any chance you get to learn from others.


3 Responses to “Lies about NYC: Any day now, you will become a huge prick”

  1. MattHurst 09/18 at 1:55 pm #

    Are you sure those changes aren’t just an inevitable part of maturing as a person, rather than a direct result of living in NYV?

  2. NYC Rhymology 10/01 at 7:01 am #

    I find that I tend to rhyme a lot more.


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