NewNewYorker of the Week: Joel Lyons

21 Sep

Age: 29
Astoria, Queens
Content Editor
I moved here on _____ because ______:
February 2, 2009; I always wanted to live here because of the public transportation, culture and the city’s status the global journalism hub. The chance presented itself for a low-cost move with my roommate, so I took it up — with no job!

Joel Lyons

Joel LyonsI moved here from: Phoenix, AZ

My living situation is: two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment with a roommate.Phoenix, Ariz.
The best advice I’ve gotten so far is: get out and meet people, be it at networking events, dining out/clubbing or at the park. The more people you meet, the smaller the city becomes.
I’m most unsure about: moving to a new place in the city. The first time was so easy that I think I was spoiled, and I really like my neighborhood, so I’m hesitant to even consider leaving it.
My biggest achievement so far has been: learning to fashionably roll up my jeans so that they would avoid being stepped on and getting wet in the rain.
The New Yorker I want to meet most is:
Mariah Carey.
My favorite song that mentions New York is: “I Love New York” by Madonna.
The person I miss most today is: my parents and my “let’s run to Target real quick, but it turns into a four-hour-endeavor” buddies back in Phoenix.
An interesting person I recently met here is: a young lady who works as an editor for TV, is a huge Sex and the City fan and has Carrie’s blue Manolo Blahniks as her Facebook profile picture.
My greatest discovery so far has been: the Central Park Dance Skaters Association. This group sets up a mini-skating rink in Central Park. Folks jam skate while the DJ spins old-school R&B and house music. Fun for all ages, skill levels and lovers of Michael Jackson (mandatory listening during their summer sessions).


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