The best of local publications’ Web sites

25 Sep

Where print media is headed is anybody’s guess. Luckily, our myriad NYC publications maintain comprehensive, newcomer-friendly Web sites that help us discover the best events/places/bargains in the city, outer boroughs and region.

Here’s the new New Yorker’s guide to the Web sites of our favorite local rags and what you’ll find in them. Get ready to bookmark!

The New York Times
Useful tools for newcomers: The easy-as-pie “Plan your trip” search bar at the top of the Travel section is a great place to start if you’re looking to use your weekends to explore the region. City Room also gives you a somewhat quirky look at NYC news, with follow-ups on larger stories and interesting Q&A’s with or about city officials. Often, City Room breaks news before a longer story appears on the homepage.

Time Out New York
Home page:
Useful tools for newcomers: Own This City, a crazy-cool section full of suggestions for great walks, subway tours, new places to eat and undiscovered parts of town. Going to that site is like going to Wikipedia — you’ll end up learning a ton and far away from where you began.

The L Magazine
Home page:
Useful tools for newcomers: You may have seen this bite-size magazine in those free bins next to the Village Voice. Their recurring Tips for Tips feature is always entertaining, wherein NYC bartenders answer a question of the week. (Incidentally, it’s also a good way to learn about cool bars.)

New York Magazine
Home page:
Useful tools for newcomers: What does this weekly NOT do well? Home of the quintessential “Gossip Girl” recap, there’s no way to exhaust this site’s coverage of everything from NYC media, celebrities, restaurant openings and fashion. Don’t miss the Best of New York guide, useful all year long.

Overheard in New York
Home page:
Useful tools for newcomers: Once you’ve lived in New York City for more than a week, you’ve heard people on the street say things just as crazy as the ones quoted here. They do print submissions (mine have gotten in twice), so if you hear something, send something!

I’m leaving many out for the sake of brevity. Feel free to leave comments about the Post, Village Voice, Metro, your college newspaper or so forth? Let us know the best stuff we’re not reading!


One Response to “The best of local publications’ Web sites”

  1. nowooski 09/28 at 2:26 am #

    Your link to New York Magazine cost me about 6 hours of my life. It is so good. I particularly loved their guide to fried chicken and economic map of Union Square.

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