NewNewYorker of the Week: Tyler Gabbard

28 Sep
Age: 18
Greenwich Village (NYU)
Job: Work Study in the Graduate Theatre Design Shop
Tyler Gabbard

Tyler Gabbard

I moved here on _____ because ______:

August 30 to attend NYU as a freshman.
My living situation is:
on-campus housing. My dorm is suprisingly large, comfortable and has amazing views of Broadway.
I moved here from:
Alexandria, KY. I had cows in my backyard. It’s about 15 minutes from Cincinnati, Ohio.
The best advice I’ve gotten so far is:
look both ways when crossing a one way street. Bikers will take you down.
I’m most unsure about:
the other boroughs. Luckily my theatre classes require me to go explore the whole city.
My biggest achievement so far has been:
getting a decent paying on-campus job within days of being here!
The New Yorker I want to meet most is:
all of the great Broadway divas.
My favorite song that mentions New York is:
“NYC” from the musical “Annie.”
The person I miss most today is:
my younger siblings. But that’s like every day.
// An interesting person I recently met here is:
gorgeous comedienne Kathy Griffin and her assistant Tiffany. Best night of my life!
My greatest discovery so far has been:
seeing the off-Broadway production of “Our Town” for $20. Student rush tickets are a beautiful thing!
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2 Responses to “NewNewYorker of the Week: Tyler Gabbard”

  1. Marcia 09/28 at 8:55 pm #

    I love this blog…oh hopefully i will be featured on this by next year ahahaha Good blog, thxxx for this! xox


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