Little sacrifices that add up to big savings

29 Sep

Living in New York City is all about tradeoffs — and let’s face it, our generation isn’t very good at making them. But as it turns out, having the strength to reign in your spending in places where dollars add up quickly can make a big difference. Here are 10 temptations and how much you save with your sacrifice:

Not having that last drink: Because you’re drunk enough. Save the $7.
Using a transfer: When you use both the subway and the bus in under two hours, you’re not charged for the second swipe. That’s $2.25!
Buying the store brand: Because duh.
Bringing your lunch: Midtown lunch averages $8, without a drink. Seriously?
Buying fast fashion: For something you won’t wear more than twice, why splurge?
Painting your own nails: Save the $25 mani/pedi for special occasions, and work on perfecting your at-home technique!
Sneaking candy into the movies: Because they never check — and please, $5 sodas? Just plain absurd.
Eating before you leave the house: You’ll be less likely to crave overpriced yogurt or street-cart food if you walk or shop with a full stomach.
Going home to get your hair dyed: Because my expensive NYC stylist recently complimented the full head of highlights my mom’s lady charged me $40 for this summer.
Leaving with enough time: If you aren’t rushing, you won’t drop $10 on a cab.

Bonus: Splitting Internet with a neighbor. Does anyone do this? I’m thinking about it.


3 Responses to “Little sacrifices that add up to big savings”

  1. nowooski 09/29 at 1:10 pm #

    I split the internet with 2 neighbors, but I don’t think they know about it, so I guess it is more leeching than splitting.

  2. Eric Barth 09/30 at 1:35 am #

    Also, never pay retail! I like to shop on Gilt– join at this link:

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