So you’ve moved away from your hair stylist/doctor/dentist/psychic…

2 Oct

When you move, almost as hard as leaving family and friends can be leaving behind the doctors, hair stylists and dentists you’ve come to trust. Here’s what to ask when looking for a new personal-care arsenal in the city that never sleeps:

Recommendation: A tip-off from a friend is always ideal, but if you’re a brand new New Yorker and short on a social network, consult with coworkers. Chances are they’ve lived in the city longer than your friends, and even if they don’t live in NYC itself, they may very well go to a general practitioner near your office. If you’re brave enough, stop someone on the street who has a cute haircut.

Referral: Check with your hair stylist, dentist or what have you and see if they have any colleagues in the city. It’s a big place — you never know! Also, some medical practices do require an official referral (mostly specialists) before you’re accepted as a new patient.

Insurance: Your insurance company probably maintains a searchable online database of which doctors take your insurance. If not, call and ask. Even if a doctor comes highly recommended, if they’re out of network, you’ll have to pay out of pocket. Again, be careful about specialists. Company coverage for things like eye checkups can vary dramatically from your run-of-the-mill physical. (Not that I’ve ever learned that the hard way…)

Calendar: How easy will it be to see the doctor if you suddenly get sick? Some practices book up months in advance, and others, not so much. This is not necessarily an indication of the good doctors and the bad, although hey, it can’t hurt to Google them. Reviews are out there! If you need to get in sooner but can’t see your choice doc, book with another in the same practice and get on the cancellation list for your first choice.

Costs: If you can’t see your doctor and have to go to the ER, check what your copay will be. It could be steep. Save money on hair appointments by getting some trims and coloring done at home. Wherever ‘home’ may be for you, chances are it’s a lot cheaper where they’re not paying sky-high rents.


One Response to “So you’ve moved away from your hair stylist/doctor/dentist/psychic…”

  1. Eli 07/18 at 11:43 am #

    Hey I love this dentist here in Rockefeller Center called Omnident. Dr. Rodney is really good with his work. When I came to New York my friend recommended me to stop by there.

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