NewNewYorker of the Week: HUNTER BELL of “[title of show]”

5 Oct

So OK, he’s not TECHNICALLY a new New Yorker, but hell, he’s a funny and talented Broadway star who graciously agreed to talk to us about his days as a new New Yorker and what he’s learned since. WE’LL TAKE IT!

NewNewYorkers, please make welcome MR. HUNTER BELL.

Hunter Bell (seated)

Hunter Bell (seated)

My first apartment was: on 46th and Tenth with lots of other people and a few rats on the front stoop. Word.
The hardest part of my adjustment to NYC was: figuring out the Subway and
being brave enough to go temp.
The best celebrity sighting I’ve had is: recently I saw Jake Gyllenhaal…come on!
In my first few months here, I wish: I would have been braver, just in terms of auditioning, finding odd jobs, dating. I did all those things, but I carried around a lot of fear. Truth is most everyone has got to start anew in the city, and its OK to ask questions. No one expects you to know everything the first day you move here. I would have asked more questions and listened more and not tried to pretend I was
cool New Yorker.
My favorite cheap meal is: Subway…eat fresh! Or 99 Cent Pizza on Ninth Avenue.
A New York night I’ll never forget was: opening night of [title of show] on Broadway. Amazing.
I know this street like the back of my hand: 52nd
I wish I hadn’t wasted money on: porn
The New Yorker who inspires me most is: Susan Blackwell

(Full disclosure: I am a massive fan of this person. I first saw his musical, [title of show], in July 2008, and subsequently interviewed some of the cast for a freelance gig.)


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