Hey, it’s OK…

16 Oct

• to refuse to take a flyer from that annoying, sandwich board-wearing person in the street, even if they wave it right under your nose.
• to congratulate yourself and your S.O. for surviving the mayhem that is Trader Joe’s, and still holding hands after.
• to pretend you’re running late when a clipboard-wielding Greenpeace volunteer tries to get you to sign something in Union Square.
• to tune out when your friends in other cities talk about how big their apartments are and how cheap their rent is.
• to decide not to buy something off Craigslist when you arrive and find it is not what you want, not what was described or in worse condition than promised.
• to get giddy when “New York, New York” comes on — or whenever you’re in Times Square. (Previously: Stay a Tourist Forever.)
• to bow out of yet another trip to the Met with out-of-town guests.
• to respond to a friend’s story with, “This totally reminds me of that episode of Sex and the City where…”

(The title of today’s post was inspired by my favorite feature in Glamour magazine.)


One Response to “Hey, it’s OK…”

  1. AmberMcGee 07/04 at 12:59 am #

    I love the last “it’s okay to”

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