Frugal Find #1: Dents are your friend!

19 Oct

One of the first things that bowled me over about life in NYC is how expensive groceries are. Here’s how to shave several bucks from your grocery bill down to what things would cost in…well, everywhere but Manhattan.

At Food Emporium, and I suspect many other stores, they have a huge selection of dented boxes or cans for half price on an end-cap of one of the back aisles. There’s nothing wrong with the food; it’s merely been damaged in the process of shipping. I recently got a box of Nature Valley granola bars for about $2.50, and several cans of fruit and soup for under $1 each. Just make sure they are labeled properly (usually a bright orange 50% sticker) before you head to the checkout.

If you spy a dented item and your nearest grocer doesn’t do dent discounts, just ask. They’ll probably oblige.


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