Even after a few years…

21 Oct

When you’re brand new here, it’s ridiculous to expect yourself not to make mistakes — yet somehow they irritate you more when you’re a newcomer, probably because you don’t already know better. When you do know better, you can get a kick out of the fact that you did it anyway. You can laugh at yourself.

Unless you’re late for a job interview. That’s probably never going to be funny.

Every now and again, you will probably still:

• Get lost. But then again, this begs the existential question: If you have an iPhone, are you every truly lost?

• Lose your bearings. After lunch with a new New Yorker last spring, we parted ways and I began to walk towards work (or so I thought). This girl, who had been in the city for all of 20 days, was all, “Um, don’t you need to be going THAT way?” It was pretty awesome.

• Get on the wrong train. It happens. To me. Last Saturday. Woops. The good news is, the better you get at navigating the subway, the faster you can correct yourself, get off at the next stop and turn right back around.

• Still not know quite how to dress for the fall. When there’s a 20-degree span between the daily high and low, you’re pretty much SOL. You will be hot on your walk to work, and frozen on your way home. Welcome to winter in NYC.

• Show up for a concert on the wrong night. I’m not sure I have personally done this yet, but one time a friend was meeting me for a show only to discover she’d bought a ticket for the same show happening the next night. Can you believe they wouldn’t let her in anyway? Highline Ballroom, you’re on my list.

• You’ll STILL be living with roommates. Does the age where it’s no longer OK to have roommates skew higher in New York City? I’m still telling myself it does. But I can’t wait for the day when the reason nobody takes out the trash but me is because I’m the only one living there.


One Response to “Even after a few years…”

  1. max riccio 10/21 at 3:09 pm #

    the concert at the Highline Ballroom, are you talking about the Streetlight Manifesto show? cause my friend did the exact same thing.

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