Frugal Find #6: Two ways to make your own greeting cards

1 Dec

Save pennies and paper! “Re-gift” greeting cards with these two fast and SUPER easy ideas:

1) Cards given to you by someone else can be repurposed using blank, prefolded white, beige or cardboard-colored cards from a craft store (like Pearl Paint). Carefully cut or tear off the front of the old card and rubber cement it to the blank one. Now its front is the same, but you have a brand new, blank inside to work with. You can even add your own bit of flare with some colored-pencil doodles or stickers.

2) Create gorgeous photo cards of your new neighborhood. I’ve done this one Christmases past, using the same blank cards/cardstock (5×7 size works well and creates a border for a 4×6 photo). Order two copies each of the six best photos, making for a set of 12. Rubber cement them to the front of the card. Make sure to add your signature underneath, so the giver knows you took the photo! Tie with a ribbon for a great end result (photo via WordPress).

It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts!


One Response to “Frugal Find #6: Two ways to make your own greeting cards”

  1. amboris 08/25 at 11:44 pm #

    These are really good ideas!

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