James Cameron Talks ‘Avatar’ at PACE University

18 Feb

Last night I attended James Cameron‘s taping of “Inside the Actors Studio” at Pace University downtown, and it was one of those nights that made me appreciate just how unique a typical Wednesday night can become when you live in New York City.

Just $15 to hear the great James Cameron? Yes, please.

That we even snagged seats to this was a small miracle, given the fact that “Avatar” is still the No. 1 movie and has become the highest-grossing film of all time, followed by Cameron’s “Titanic.” I had about two minutes to decide to purchase the tickets (discounted through Goldstar*), as by then the floor seats had already sold out. Arriving at the downtown lecture hall, I saw a massive standby line.

I’ve watched “Actors Studio” for years, and seeing James Lipton be all James Lipton-y in person was a real treat. Cameron was interesting, articulate and gave several entertaining anecdotes about the production of some of his most successful ventures, complete with the requisite clips and applause.

James and James during the portion of the interview that featured Stephen Lang (front row with hand extended).

It was a nice surprise to see Stephen Lang (“He likes to be called Slang,” Cameron deadpanned) in the front row, who played Colonel Miles Quaritch in “Avatar.” Two years on, he was considerably less bulked-up, but the master’s students in the Pace acting school applauded when he sat down, instantly recognizing him.

Three hours later, the 4/5/6 took us home as we remarked upon how great it is to be able to see something like this on any given evening here in our great city.

Though taping are irregular and only occasionally are tickets made available to the public, keep checking back here for schedule and ticket info, and follow them on Twitter here.

I highly encourage you to check out Goldstar, by the way, and I’ll be posting more about them soon — they’re a WONDERFUL source for discount tickets to some very unique experiences!


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