Broke and antsy?

5 Mar

You wouldn’t know it when you’re paying $10 for a mixed drink, but by now you’ve realized New York City is a town full of strikingly cheap things to do. It doesn’t take long after you settle in here to learn where the deals are, and lately I’ve gotten a stream of requests for a simple quick-hit list of my favorite places to scrounge for a bargain. It’s time to deliver!

• Time Out New York has a Free Things To Do Today section. Always good to check out.
• Also from TONY, here’s 125 free things to do in the city.
• There are loads of bars that don’t charge a cover to hear good tunes — usually they just want you to buy one drink per set, but it’s not strictly enforced. If your tastes are eclectic, try out Rockwood Music Hall and Banjo Jim’s.
Here‘s a list of when the city’s museums have ‘pay what you wish’ or free entry.
Groupon‘s best offerings are its restaurant discounts, but there’s tons more, and you can sign up for a daily e-mail.
DrinkDeal tells you about good happy hours and free food (call to confirm):
The Skint is updated daily with free/cheap things to do.
Spa Week is coming!
It pays to study up on your employee benefits! In between information on your health insurance and sick days, you may uncover discounts on everything from Broadway shows and museums to massages and Clinique products!

Add more in the comments — let’s grow this list as big as we can!


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