In praise of Goldstar

9 Mar

Scene: You sign up to receive e-mails from Web site such-and-such, only to never read them or just delete them upon receipt — and that ‘unsubscribe’ button is conspicuously hard to locate! I’m happy to say, however, that’s not the case with Goldstar‘s, which I read every day.

They give discounts on UNIQUE things to do in the city. Every new New Yorker should take advantage of this site! Sometimes the odd pub crawl special sneaks in — not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I took this on the 'City Lights Cruise.' Go this summer!

Sign up here — it’s fast and free, and the e-mails are chock full of good stuff! For instance, there’s an orchid show on at the Bronx Botanical Garden, and tickets thru Goldstar are like four bucks. Goldstar is also featuring $9 skating at Rockefeller Center — a perfect activity to do with your out-of-town guests. (Drawback is the $4.50 per ticket “service fee.” Ouch.)

What I’ve done through Goldstar:

• City Lights Cruise (twice!): It is PERFECT for a romantic evening — a fourth date, say — or to impress your out-of-town visitors. This cruise isn’t running right now, but an ‘afternoon tea’ cruise is. You can sign up to be alerted when there’ll be more City Lights (about $22 a person) dates once it gets warmer.
• John Lennon exhibit: This was at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame Annex in Soho — you probably saw the ads! We went for half price, and as a massive Beatles fan, that was a dream come true for about $17 a pop.
James Cameron on “Inside the Actors Studio”: For $15, we sat for three hours and listened to the brilliant and egotistical James Cameron have a chat with the parody-friendly James Lipton. Wonderful!

Click here to browse the full list of activities for New York, NY. Go do something fun. Goldstar, I love you so — and no, they’re not paying me to say this. But they can if they want!


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