What neighborhood should I live in?

7 Apr

If you like … you should try …

Quiet walks, upscale shopping, trash-free sidewalks, kids … the Upper East Side

Liz Lemon lives on the UWS. We are friends.

Nightlife every night of the week, relatively cheap rent, proximity to the 6 … Murray Hill

Pink hair, brunch places, tattoos … the East Village

Live music, pizza, American Apparel … the Lower East Side

Clubbing, the L train, cobblestone … the Meatpacking District

Happy hour, suits, overpriced sandwiches … Midtown

Family vibe, 99 cent stores, living above sea level … Washington Heights

Cupcakes, brownstones, the Hudson River … the West Village

A park you can’t go to, celebrity sightings, the East Village without the hipsters … Gramercy

The seaport, men, concrete … Downtown

Clean sidewalks, stollers, al fresco dining … Upper West Side

Let me know your thoughts on these, and ones I left out! What’s your perspective on your neighborhood and/or those you visit often? I’m a little shabby on Brooklyn, Queens and so forth, so please opine!

And yes, Hoboken is fair game!


4 Responses to “What neighborhood should I live in?”

  1. Free Refills 04/07 at 4:47 pm #

    No Hell’s Kitchen love? What if you like noise, diesel bus fumes and the Times Square subway station?

  2. Eric Barth 04/07 at 8:37 pm #

    Chinese markets, cheap rent, international friends, proximity to soho…Chinatown.

    And to add to financial district/downtown…high-rise living, high energy days.

  3. MattHurst 04/09 at 12:58 am #

    Ha ha, you made me laugh about the neighborhoods you wrote about here. Maybe you should write a seperate post about Brooklyn and Queeens!
    I’ll start you off by mentioning that “Family vibe, 99 cent stores, living above sea level” equally describes 5th ave in Park Slope. Come visit the outer Burroughs sometime soon…

  4. Lana 12/21 at 2:25 am #

    Brownstones? Harlem!

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