On being late to the party

4 May

The front page of The Wall Street Journal today and come upon an article by Barry Newman entitled, “A real estate idea whose time has come, gone, and come again,” about the history of boarding houses in NYC. (I have a few friends who lived together at The Parkside on Gramercy Park — complete with key to the park!)

As you read the article, the author’s interviewee, Michael Trollan, discovers in 2006 that boarding houses have been around in NYC for ages, also has another idea: He should start a Web site for new New Yorkers.

“Lately, he has been thinking of building a website for New York newcomers—the ‘starry-eyed ones,’ he says.”

Well, well!

Consider my letter to the editor written! No, seriously — I’m working on it now. The WSJ will soon find out that not only does this blog already exist, but there’s been a book about it as well!

If anyone reading this would like to write and tell the WSJ about how you’ve benefitted from NewNewYorkers, e-mail wsj.ltrs@wsj.com, or the author of the article at barry.newman@wsj.com.

Once I have my letter drawn up, I’ll post it here. (Yours too.)

Enjoy your Tuesday, new New Yorkers!


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