NewNewYorker of the Week: Li Chen

6 Apr

[An occasional series on readers who’ve moved onward and upward since taking the leap into NYC life. This week we talk to Li Chen, a recent grad from Stony Brook University interning at a startup in New York City.]

My living situation is: Living in Central Park (just kidding!)…staying at a relative’s place in the Bronx.

 My first job in the city was: Social Media Strategist Intern

Li Chen and Charlie Chaplin.

Li Chen and Charlie Chaplin.

My job now is: Social Media Strategist Intern (with more swag)

 The best advice I have for newcomers is: Start doing whatever you have to do to please your parents because you’ll need their financial support.

The toughest time I’ve gone through since moving here is: Having self-doubts about my decision to accept an internship in the city when I live in Long Island.

I can’t imagine my New York life without: A positive attitude. It’s a make-or-break deal in the job market, especially in New York City.

When I was brand new to the city, I can’t believe I: Didn’t know how to properly insert my metro card on the bus.

I’m still learning about: The startup world and cheap eats near Midtown.

My proudest achievement so far has been: Building long lasting relationships with the blogging community.

I’ve been thrilled to meet: Sam Lundin. He personally reached out to me during the days where I was a hopeless full time job hunter in pajama pants all day.

A gem I recently discovered is: This web app called Vimbly. It helps you find and book activities in New York instantly. Tango class anyone?

Something I hope to accomplish this summer is: Sip mango bubble tea under the sun.

Li Chen writes about food adventures and DIY activities. She likes to watch SpongeBob when home alone. You can tweet her for intern advice or just to say hi. If you are Joseph Gordon-Levitt, please call.


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