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$20 closet: A dress you can live in

11 May

I haven’t done a $20 closet post in ages — but I have to share that I am living in dresses from Old Navy.

Hot town. Summer in the city.

Date in it, grocery shop in it, walk the Brooklyn Bridge wearing it (with sunscreen), these are fast becoming a customer favorite on the site. And as I always say, they don’t pay me to write this, but they can if they want.


$20 Closet: The softest makeup brushes ever

11 Aug

I'm in love...

I'm in love...

I got this EcoTools brush set in the gift bag of an eco-friendly fashion show last year, and despite having used them daily since then, traveled with them and even dropped one in a wet sink a couple times, they show no signs of wear and are soft as all get-out. I mainly use the biggest one for blush/bronzer and the next smallest one for powder touch-ups.

They’re only $14, and they will LAST. And once again, no, I am not being paid to promote this item. I just kind of love it.

$20 Closet: Navy shorts

29 Jul

This is the first in an occasional series called $20 Closet. In this expensive city, you need to know where the bargains are. I am good at this. The Closet item could be clothes, a beauty product or just a fun little gadget — but it’ll always be something I love, and will never be over $20. (And no, I am not being paid to shill for ANY of the products I mention here.)

old navy shorts $9.99

This is an Old Navy stock photo of the shorts I'm wearing RIGHT. NOW. Trippy.

These are $9.99 at the Old Navy in Chelsea, and I am absolutely living in them. (Like, even now.) They’re soft and fit great. Since I’m short, I like short shorts, but they come in a slightly longer length as well, and many colors.