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Former NewNewYorker of the Week: Joel Lyons

26 Apr

[The second in an occasional series on readers who’ve moved onward and upward since taking the leap into NYC life. Subtext: This can be you!]

My living situation is: Living with my significant other.

Joel Lyons, co-founder of NYC Media Buzz, in Central Park.

My first job in the city was: A content editor for a mobile/online group.
My job now is: A marketing associate with a restaurant group.

The best advice I have for newcomers is: Read NewNewYorkers and subscribe to Time Out New York.

The toughest time I’ve gone through since moving here is:
 I was brave (or stupid) and moved to New York without a job during the peak of the recession….I made sure that I was dressed and ready by 9 a.m. every morning just to guarantee that if someone called for an interview, I could run out the door and go to it. The rejections during that time period sucked, but once I got a yes (and my first job), I was very relieved!

I can’t imagine my New York life without: 
A smartphone. It makes navigating the city, and finding good places to eat, much easier.

When I was brand new to the city, I can’t believe I: Relied solely on Kmart for all my purchases.

I’m still learning about
: The outer boroughs. I live in Queens, so I’ve done a lot of exploring here, but I’m starting to learn sections of Brooklyn and would like to get to the Bronx more often, too.

My proudest achievement so far has been:
 Becoming the go-to person when folks have questions about the subway. Next goal: mastering the bus system.

I’ve been thrilled to meet:
 My significant other.

A gem I recently discovered is: Essex, a farmers’ market/grocery store with a delicious restaurant that makes killer French toast.

Something I hope to accomplish this summer is: Jam with the Central Park Dance Skaters Association.


How I spent my first post-move NYC visit

15 Mar

Well, I’m back from NYC. And it was great. I managed to get to two boroughs and a town on Long Island! Here are a few spots I hit over my Thursday to Monday trip.

Those kidders.

Hung out with new friends/fellow bloggers at City Bakery during its hot chocolate festival. Get a vegan chocolate chip cookie and people-watch from the upstairs seating area. We did!

Oyster Bar is still overpriced (hey, it’s New York), hot and crowded, but I love the lights in there; if you’re around for lunch, the catfish po’boy is BOSS. Upstairs, I wandered the Grand Central location of Pylones. Bummed that I forgot to pop in the new NYC Transit store.

Westville Chelsea. I’d never heard of this joint til my friend Kelly recommended we hit it up for a light, healthy fare (I’m trying to watch my processed-foods and carb intake). Its small plates of market vegetables are to die for…I even ate brussels sprouts!

A water taxi cruise (via Goldstar) reminded me that seeing the skyline from the water is one of my favorite things to do in the city for under $20…plus, you get to hang out at the South Street Seaport before and after.  This particular boat looked more like the Staten Island Ferry (I prefer the old schooner types they use in summer), and it was narrated by a tour guide trying too hard to be funny.

• Rockwood Music Hall to see Sarah Jarosz. (She’s back Saturday, April 16. Go! Seriously.) Rockwood has performers in 45-minute to one-hour sets, all night long. Here’s the schedule. Remember, it’s free to get in, and it hardly matters who’s playing — this folky club brings the goods, always. If there’s someone you really wanna see, get there early for a tiny table up front.

This blog is a book!

25 Feb

BROOKLYN, Feb. 25 — The Guide for New New Yorkers is out, y’all.

Click here to purchase your copy at 20 percent off (sale starts this afternoon) for its debut week ONLY, and scroll down for the full table of contents.

More about the Guide: The advice you’ve come to rely on now fits in your purse or briefcase. Based on the most-read posts from, The Guide for New New Yorkers goes beyond guidebooks and Google to help young professionals build a happy life in their adopted city of New York. Writer/editor Sarah Protzman Howlett humorously parlays her own New York journey into an encouraging book of essays, advice and practical lists.

Click the image to enlarge the table of contents.

On a personal note, I never would’ve done this second book without your wonderful support for my 2009 memoir, Two Years in New York City. Thank you, readers, family and friends.