“I’ve already read tons of your posts. Many of my questions were answered, and many of my concerns were alleviated after hearing yours and other guest writers’ stories. For that, I thank you. Seriously.” – Justin W.

Compared to so many of the people I’ve talked to about moving to New York, your words have made me feel positive about the decision and hopeful that things can and will work out! – Joel L.

I just have to say that I’ve been reading so many of your blogs for the first time tonight and absolutely love what you have to say! Thank you so much for writing these. — Kris

I came across your two-year diary and the new New Yorkers guide and read both of them today. I told you I’m obsessed! I loved your books because they tell a lot for a tourist as well as a transplant. Thank you for all the information! — Cheri S.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to write about your experiences as a new New Yorker. It has really helped set parameters for my expectations here since I’ve been in the city. — Brandon B.

I really love your practical site.  You would think there would be hundreds like yours, but I couldn’t find another nearly as informative and enjoyable as yours. — Dan B.

It’s nice to read accounts that touch on the actual experience of LIVING in the city. Keep up the fantastic work and I plan on being a reader for as long as you are writing! – Cody M.

I read Two Years in New York City, and the thoughts in your memoir couldn’t have come at a better time. After reading how nervous, scared and excited you were during your first two years in New York, I got the feeling that while I’m feeling the same way about my move, everything is going to be fine. – Lindsey W.

I love your blog. It’s humorous and insightful. You’re a great writer. I’ll be reading it from here on out. Carlos V.

Thanks for putting yourself out there and sharing your experiences for the  benefit of others! – Adrianna B.

It helps to know I have an experienced New Yorker to help me through the transition. – Sarah V.

Thank you for your story and for giving a stranger some direction as she figures out life after college. — Meredith E.

YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING!! I found the Facebook link on a friend’s page and I literally spent all night and all day reading it. It’s incredible! — Christine B.

Night skyline from Central Park

Night skyline from Central Park


5 Responses to “Props”

  1. Sarah M. 08/23 at 11:16 pm #

    Thanks so much for doing this blog! It truly makes moving to New York seem like the best thing in the world, despite a lot of peoples negativity about it. My nervousness had faded and my excitement has grown! I look forward to moving to the city!

  2. Melissa 02/21 at 3:39 pm #

    Sarah: Just stumbled on blog and enjoyed reading it! I have a similar mission to yours and run the site, It is the “non-tourist” tourist guide to NY. As a 4th generation NYer, I try to share all the insider secrets to NYC – sample sales, discounts on everything, best free things to do, cool events, how to use the subway and more…let me know if you ever want to team up some time, you are a great writer.

    • New New Yorkers 05/23 at 2:58 pm #

      Would love to! Let me know if you would like to guest post some of your favorite NYC spots or tips.

  3. rebeccarenees 07/24 at 12:29 pm #

    All I have to say is thank you! I have been unsure for awhile about moving New York. I was worried about many problems like how much money I should have saved, how to go about moving there without having a job yet, the list of my nervousness goes on and on but your blog has opened my eyes. I plan to move into my new apartment next month. Maybe I’ll see you there one day! Thanks again and good luck with your writings!

  4. Anne 08/06 at 5:22 pm #

    You make moving to NY easy 🙂

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